Great things in the future.

September 15, 2015

Games chain has gone though a lot over the time we've been open, and it's safe to say we have a whole lot more to come. At the moment we're putting in our best efforts towards the launch of some great new things  in the future, and marking a wonderful new era for Games Chain.  

First of all are we launching our awesome new website right here so we can bring the joy of games to you wherever you are, even if you can't make it in to our store. This will mean that not only will you be able to take advantage of our great prices, but you'll also be kept up to date with the best and latest arrivals in store. If you're subscribed to our website, we'll let you know when they come in and what we think are the best choices so you can enjoy.

Our store, after a long period of waiting, mus unfortunately move to another location. We will no longer be present in our cosy home next to Coles in Westfield, but be assured we will reopen with all the same wonderful staff and games that keep you with us! We're currently working on moving into another store right on the same level, with even more space to fill and expand our collection of games for you to see.  

Stay tuned to what's happening, and all of us at Games Chain will do our best to keep you supplied for the busy Christmas period ahead.