Bicycle Poker Hidden (Foil)

 Product Information:

Hidden invokes the symbolism of secretive societies. As a result, it’s a deck that is shrouded in Mystery.
freemasonry or freemasonry is an Institution of an initiatory, philanthropic, symbolic, philosophical, discreet, selective, hierarchical, international, humanist and with a Federal structure, founded on a feeling of fraternity. It affirms to have as objective the search of the truth, the philosophical study of the conduct, human rights, science and the Arts, and the promotion of social and moral development of a human being. It appeared in Europe between the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth. Modern or “speculative” freemasonry has often been described as a peculiar system of mortality, under the veil of allegories and taught by symbols. It presents itself as a training Tool, with a particular method which, based on the symbolism of construction, allows its members to develop their capacity for listening, reflection and dialogue, to transmit these values ​​to their environment. Given its totally anonymous character, regardless of the society always in the Clandestine, it serves to guide us towards the hidden thing. Let Bicycle Playing cards be your guide through the world of mysterious symbols. These playing cards feature designs inspired by societies that use various signs and passwords to safeguard their best-kept secrets.

Set Contains:

55 cards

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