Recommended Age: 10+
Number of Players: 2-5

In the game of Carcassonne you can explore a land that changes with every game, staking claims and earning points. Create a Knight in your growing city, and when the city is complete, tally points for the size of the city. Create a highwayman on a country road, and get more points the longer your road is. Or cut off you opponent's development, leaving him with tiny villages and stunted fields.

Carcassone is designed for up to 5 players, but makes an especially great 2 player game. Beautifully designed on thick, elegant tiles.

* 84 land tiles
* 1 scoring track
* 40 wooden followers in 5 colors
* 1 rule booklet

Designer: Klaus-Jurgen Wrede
Artist: Doris Matthaus

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