Explore the matter of matter with no less than 29 hands-on activities! There's candle making, water squirting, glop, mud piess, freezing and thawing chemistry fun!

This excellent kit has won numerous prestigious awards, including: Scientific American Young Readers Book Awards, National Parenting Magazine Awards, Dr Toy Awards, Parent's Choice Seal of Approval and Creative Child Magazine Awards!

Squirt with water pressure, sink and float an egg, dye a flower from the inside out, squeeze an egg into a bottle, capture a CO2 explosion and grow crystals. Step-by-step, full colour directions and the use of everyday materials brings clarity to how things work.

Enhance your knowledge of Chemistry with this hand-picked bunch of chemistry favourites by Penny Norman, Ph.D. - providing maximum engagement and learning. Kids science will never be the same again!

Take advantage of the animations on the SciencecWiz website to deepen and extend your comprehension.

Age: 6 +