Clementoni Fantastic Forest jigsaws 2000 pcs

Product Information:

 This more advanced 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is apart of the High Quality Collection. This puzzle depicts a ton of different forest animals. You can see numerous bird species, badgers, foxes and even a family of deer.

Made in Italy, Clementoni produces puzzles with wide variety of imagery, from iconic paintings of the great masters to breathtaking photographs of land and cityscapes, to stunning fantasy illutrations, to Disney and Batman, and more. In addition to creating a premium line of jigsaw puzzles with elegance and attention to detail, Clementoni uses recycled and other earth-friendly materials in their commitment to the environment. The Clementoni Group, engaged in the invention, manufacturing, promotion and distribution of games and toys for over 50 years, has always adopted a conduct inspired by the principles of rigorous ethical integrity.



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