Clementoni - Glitter Magic

Product Information:

This scientific kit allows discovery of the glowing and sparkling side of science, personalising and decorating creations with glitters.

A complete and safe play experience, creating wonderful sparkling creations using simple chemical reactions, making room for creativity and personalised aesthetics.


  • 1 Spray-Z Pen Machine
  • 6 Colour Markers
  • 6 Stencils


product features

  • Little girls have always loved glitter and sequins and this kit allows them to personalise objects and discover the scientific principles behind their creation. All of the experiments and substances used for the creations are developed and tested to avoid any dangerous reactions.
  • The mini cutter can be used to make glitters to personalise and decorate scientific creations, which are the result of experiments from the play kit. The pack also includes a lava lamp to assemble and decorate children's rooms in line with current trends.
  • The instructions come in the form of a little book with images and illustrations that explain how to create splendid glittering slimes or decorate objects using original glitter effects.
  • In addition to the creative element, little girls can discover and experiment with simple chemical reactions that allow them to learn the science in a fun and practical way. The components and substances used for the experiments are tested and certified to guarantee fun and safe play.

Type: Science

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