Recommended Age: 10+
Number of Players: 2-4

Corporation Incorporated is an interplanetary construction firm that builds sewer systems and low-income housing on the less-developed planets of the Galaxy. For years, Corp Inc. has tottered on the brink of bankruptcy -- transporting building materials to the edge of the Galaxy, where the need for its services is greatest, is a risky business.

The company was saved by a few visionaries on the board of directors. Instead of shipping materials to the Periphery, they reasoned, why not build the materials into spacecraft and let them ship themselves? Furthermore, why hire pilots if there are nut-cases willing to man the ships for free?

That's where you come in. Just sign the contract, and you gain unrestricted access to a Corp Inc. Warehouse. Build your own space ship from the available prefabricated components, and fly it to the Periphery. Of course, you may have to eat a loss, but any profits you make along the way are yours to keep, and Corp Inc. will pay you a bonus for quick delivery.

It's possible that you will end up with an insurmountable debt and finish your days panhandling on the streets of Deneb III, but if Lady Luck should smile upon you, you just might find yourself among the 10 billion richest people in the Galaxy!

Can you build a space ship durable enough to weather storms of meteors? Armed enough to defend against pirates? Big enough to carry a large crew and valuable cargo? Fast enough to get there first? Of course you can. Become a Galaxy Trucker.

* 1 flight board
* 8 space ship boards
* 4 number tiles
* 65 cosmic credits
* 144 component tiles, including 4 starting components
* 62 cards
* 8 space ship markers (2 × 4 colours)
* 40 human astronauts
* 8 aliens
* 36 battery tokens
* 56 goods cubes
* 2 six-sided dice
* 1 sand timer
* 1 Trucker's Guide to the Galaxy Rule Book

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil

Type: Euro Games

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