Recommended Age: 8 + Years
Number of Players: 1

 The craziest cube youve ever seen. The corners turn like a normal cube but the intricate system of gears spins the middle squares at half the speed while rotating the edges on completely different planes altogether. Impossible not to pick up and play with and extremely solid construction for a mechanism so complex!

The Gear-cube is a brand new concept in cube design and has the following inventive steps. Using a full gear mechanism that requires twelve 90 turns to complete one rotation but having said this it is still slightly easier then the Rubiks cube, Designed by M. Oskar van Deventer and inspired by a gearing idea by Bram Cohen, it will be Mefferts Puzzle Of the Year for 2010.

Placing the gears externally, so that their orientation can be seen, Adding gear teeth to the corner and edge pieces and using a new speed cube inner core.

Meffert’s have been making puzzles since the early 1970’s and have some of the most bizarre brain busters you’ve ever seen!

All their puzzles come in attractive hexagonal packaging and use precision injection molded parts and high quality spring-loaded bearings which make operation easy and exact, time and time again.

Type: Cube Puzzles

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