KI-GU-MI Plywood Sydney Opera House puzzle


Product Information:


This detailed Pagoda model adds a flourish of Japan to any home! With 5 tiers of intricate architectural design, this Ki-Gu-Mi design is sure to delight everyone. Ki-Gu-Mi fun fact: Pagodas can withstand massive earthquakes, thanks to their shinbashira (central pillar) structure. Made from the straight trunks of Japanese cypress trees, the shinbashira in the centre supports the whole tower like a spine, bending to absorb shockwaves.

The natural range of the Ki-Gu-Mi 3D Japanese Wooden Puzzles lend themselves to be personalised and decorated – you can style your Ki-Gu-Mi to suit your taste and décor! Created from fully renewable FSC™ materials, Ki-Gu-Mi puzzles are a green choice. FSC™ certified products are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, causing zero harm to the environment. Now that’s eco-friendly!

Type: 3 D PUZZLE

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