ScienceWiz: Bottle Rocket Party

Bottle Rocket Party

"Bottle rockets are a "must" for every childhood!
A basic yet exhilarating project, building bottle rockets takes on a new edge with Dr. Penny Norman's (Ph.D. from UC Berkeley) Bottle Rocket Party kit."
Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA

Equipped for a group of 5 children, the kit provides:


  • 2 Rocket tubes with stoppers
  • 2 Soft plastic bottle rockets
  • 2 Water rocket stoppers
  • 2 Inflation needles
  • 5 Party bags
  • Safety ribbon


Some other necessary household items (not included):

  • 1 Box of baking soda - large
  • 1 Bicycle pump
  • 1 Gallon of vinegar
  • Add in recycled water bottles for more children

Type: Science Kits

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