ScienceWiz: Crazy Chemistry Party

Crazy Chemistry Party

"Crazy + Chemistry + Party + 5 Kids + Adult Supervision ==> An explosively good time!

Why not make science a celebration? Crazy Chemistry Party consists of several projects selected from those in the ScienceWiz kits designed by Dr. Penny Norman (Ph.D. from UC Berkeley), all deemed fit for any parent looking to throw a unique home event. The activities last for about 90 minutes, and can be interspersed with other party fare such as games or snacks!"

Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA

Crazy Chemistry Projects:

  • Capture CO2 explosions!
  • Make candles
  • Hold a bulging penny contest
  • Learn the secrets of the upside down water trick
  • Sink and float balloons



Materials Included:

  • 5 Pipettes
  • 5 Graduated cylinders
  • 1 Pound of wax and other candle making materials
  • 1 Package of party balloons
  • Plastic bag for dispensing baking soda
  • 5 Water trick cups
  • 5 Water trick cards
  • 5 Party treat bags


Materials required, but not included:

  • 1 Pound baking soda
  • 1 Gallon of vinegar
  • 5 Clean recycled soup cans
  • 5 Pop bottles
  • helium tank (optional)

Type: Science Kits

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