ScienceWiz: Physics

Major Awards

 • Dr. Toy's Best Toys Award
 • Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Toy Award
 • Creative Child Magazine Award

Blast off with Newton's laws of motion and prepare to excel in PHYSICS! Develop a fundamental understanding of inertia, the laws of motion, centripetal force, mass, weight, velocity and acceleration. Concepts are covered with time tested experiments and highly visual illustrations. This kit includes a balance scale for measuring mass and a jet car that really zooms.

24 Activities
 • Launch bottle rockets
 • Perform tricks with inertia
 • Stay in motion with a floating hover puck
 • Zoom a jet car
 • Build your own spring meter
 • Spin water upside down
 • Assemble and use a balance scale
 • Clock a race and accelerate, accelerate
 • Measure mass

Type: Science Kits

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