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Tantrix is a strategy game using painted synthetic resin hexagons (often mistakenly thought to be Bakelite). It was invented in New Zealand, and is clearly derived from the earlier Psyche-paths/Kaliko. Tantrix can be played as solitaire puzzles, ranging from easy to almost impossible, or as a multiplayer strategy game featuring a combination of strategy, luck and skill. Each tile has three tracks on it, in three different colors (out of four colors). Each track starts on one side of the tile and ends on another. The goal of the game is to create the longest line or loop of your chosen color. If you create a closed loop, each tile counts for two points.

The 10-tile version is a color matching puzzle. Arrange the tiles so that all the colored lines match where the tiles touch each other. Additionally, for each puzzle challenge, select one color, and create a closed loop. Begin the easy puzzle by using the first four tiles (which are numbered on the reverse side 1, 2, 3 & 4). Increase the level of difficulty by adding the fifth tile, then 6th tile etc. Comes in Green & Black.

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