The Crazy Scientists - Forces & Energy

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The Crazy Scientist - Forces & Energy Science Kit. Discover 20 fun and fascinating facts about the world around you.
'The Crazy Scientist' series, a collection of science tricks, was created by a joint venture of 2 crazy scientists and the 'Purple Cow'. A combination bound to create an excellent and yet crazy experience! Each science trick comes with a simple and yet clever scientific explanation. These science kits are a fun and engaging way to incorporate STEM education concepts into a classroom, playgroup or at home.

  • Age: 6 years and up
  • Item no: 02633
  • Tin Case size: 14 x 10 x 1cm
  • This Case contains 20 cards, each contains a science trick that has a simple and yet clever scientific explanation.
  • Some magical tricks may require adult supervision where indicated.

Type: Science

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