The worlds finest card holder. An outstanding example of modern design, combining elegant styling with functionality. The Winning Hand offers the following unique combination of features:

  • Luxurious velvet touch finish
  • Holds up to 25 cards
  • Novel curved slot allows easy insertion, removal and sorting of cards
  • Stands freely on a table or can be comfortably hand held
  • Ideal for Jonola Canasta or your other favourite games
  • A perfect gift for the games lover

There are many benefits in using the Winning Hand Card Holder in conjunction with Jonola Canasta. The natural oils in our skin age playing cards when we continually hold and move them around in our hands. The Winning Hand Card Holder:

  • Eliminates excessive bending and handling of the cards
  • Allows us to see all of our cards easily, at all times
  • Can be placed face down when we leave the table
  • Reduces cramping of fingers and tired hands
  • Helps children and people with small hands to hold large quantities of cards
  • Frees our hands to enjoy snacks or drinks whilst playing cards
  • Reduces the chance of spillage on cards

Type: Accessories

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