A new spin on a ThinkFun® original! Spin•Out® is the spinning, sliding, mind-challenging puzzle with a whole lot of twists guaranteed to unlock hours of fun! It was one of our best-sellers and it’s back, better than ever, with a new and improved easy reset feature.

To play, simply start at the designated spot as shown, then one by one turn each disk sideways to form a straight line. The object is to line up the disks in order to release the slide. Twist by twist, turn by turn players build logical deduction, concentration, and problem-solving skills as they unlock the secret to removing the slide. Once Spin•Out® has been solved, it’s easy to reset with the new hinge design!

Guaranteed to make the mind spin for hours. Anyone who loves a fun and fascinating challenge will be drawn to this exciting new brainteaser.

Type: Think fun

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