Trash Panda Card Game

Product Information:

Trash Pandas brings a new round excitement and action-packed adventure to lovers of card games. In this card game, players pose as raccoons and set out on a ruthless hunt to gather as much trash as possible. Trash items like pieces of pizza, half-eaten sandwiches, chunks of candy and others are the most coveted items in the game. Players compete with each other to collect these items and gain points. Players take a turn to roll the dice and pick cards from the deck. Particular actions, like tipping over a can, hiding trash in the forest, confiscating a rival's stash, etc., result in game-changing moments and add to the thrill of the chase. These actions can be taken by players when they draw a special wild card. Once the deck empties, the game comes to an end. The pack contains 1 dice, 6 tokens and 54 cards. The game is appropriate for children aged 8 and above.

Type: Card Games

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