Da Vinci scythed chariot is an ancient war chariot with scythe blades mounted on each side. The blades extended horizontally to each side of the wheels. Scythed chariots would plow through infantry lines cutting combatants in. This historically accurate Wooden.City 3D puzzle with a rubber band engine was created to show you the amazing world of ancient mechanics with accurate historic references.

Construction set features
Brand – Wooden city;
Packaging – a wooden box;
Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood;
Assembly – without glue;
Number of details – 74
Spare parts – 7
Assembly time – 2 hours.
Length of the path – 1.5 meters.
Product dimension – 230 x 107 x 104 mm
Box dimension – 240 x 175 x 28 mm
Weight – 0.3 kg
Recommended for the children aged 14 years old.

Type: 3d puzzle

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