Have you ever been to London before? Are you a 3-D puzzle geek like us? Plunge into the vibrant London atmosphere by building our new Wooden City 3D mechanical model – the famous London double-decker!

Construction set features
Brand – Wooden city;
Packaging – a wooden box;
Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood;
It is started with a key;
Rotates with help of a rubber motor;

There is a trigger lever;

Assembly – without glue;
Number of details – 216
Spare parts – 19
Assembly time – 6 hours.
Length of ride – 4 meters.
Product dimension – 234 x 70 x 115 mm
Box dimension – 355 x 240 x 40 mm
Weight – 1.09 kg
Recommended for the children aged 14 years old.


There are two Arms installed in this London Bus Model operating:

  • Speed level (Speed Control Arm) and the Bus Direction (Direction Control Arm).

Type: 3 D PUZZLE

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