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Mobi Maths Game (7+ yrs, 1-6 players)

Product Information:

Möbi is a simple, quick and addictive number game that can go anywhere and be played in as little as five minutes!

The goal of the Mobi Game is to use up all your blue tiles by connecting them with mathematical equations in a crossword-style grid.

Mobi is full of small playing tiles. Players draw blue number tiles that when combined with the white math tiles (=, -, x etc) create equations, like 1+4=5.

Can be played solo or in a group. Grab a few friends, find a flat surface and you're set. This game is made for absolutely everyone!


How to Play Overview

  • Empty all tiles onto a flat playing surface.
  • Separate the blue tiles from the white tiles. All the blue tiles are numbers. All the white tiles are operations. 
  • Mix up all the blue tiles, take 7 number tiles each .... say "GO!"
  • Each valid equation is called a “pod”, using the blue tiles each player continues to build equations on those pods, similar to a crossword.
  • When you run out of blue tiles, say "FLIP" and pick up THREE more tiles from the center and along with everyone else. Keep this up until the blue tiles run out.
  • When a player can't use one of their blue tiles, say "SWAP" and switch that blue tile for TWO new ones.
  • The person to use all of their blue tiles yells "MÖBI" and is the winner!



  • Ages 7+ years
  • 1 - 6 players
  • 162 playing tiles
  • No pencil, paper, board or elaborate scoring require
  • Helps improve skills: arithmetic, cooperative play, visual processing, sequential thought, focus & attention, recognition & identification, hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills
  • 2016 Recommended by American Mensa

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