About Us

Welcome to Games Chain. Catering to everyone from age 2 to 102, our passion is finding and sharing the best games with our customers, be it an old classic or something completely brand new.  

We have a large retail store located in the heart of  Westfield Shoppingtown, Chatswood. Look for the walls of games and the bright 'Games Chain' sign on level 2 right next to the entrance of Target. Our staff all share knowledge and passion for games, and would love to have a chat about what it is that you're looking for in your next board game, card game or RPG.


Games Chain has been around for 10 years, catering to not only locals but customers from far and wide and building a reputation of knowledge and trust within the gaming community. It quickly became known as the place to go if you wanted to talk to staff who enjoyed the games just as much as you do, and who enjoyed doing the research on products so they could best help you out.

To this day, the staff at Games Chain are friendly, reliable and always ready to share their excitement over the newest hit game or puzzle.    

You can drop in for a chat, contact us in-store on (02) 9884 7333, or send us an email at customerservice@gameschain.com.au and we'll be happy to get back to you.