3D Crystal Puzzles Brown Rabbit

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3D Brown Rabbit Crystal Puzzle

The Rabbit 3D Crystal Puzzle from Ventura Games features this gentle creature with her favorite snack. The sleek, translucent, crystalline puzzle has unique interlocking pieces. When you’ve pieced it all together (be ready for a challenge), you'll be proud to display this bunny cradling a carrot. This 3D puzzle has a difficulty level of 2. Crystal Puzzles challenge the mind and delight the eye with their intriguing shapes, bright and dark colours, and even a little bit of glitter here and there. And once they’re assembled, they’re the sort of thing that you won’t mind displaying somewhere in your home.


- You can enjoy to display them in your room as a beautiful object

- Can make as a great gift to collectors and puzzle enthusiasts

- Designs to match anyone's interests and are fun to collect

- They take puzzling to a whole new dimension

Piece: 41 pcs

Age: 14+

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