Clementoni - Perfumes & Cosmetics

Product Information:

A real beauty lab to make truly magnificent, personalised creations: perfumes,soaps, creams and aromatised bath salts. This scientific kit includes essences and natural ingredients to stimulate children's creativity. Lots of fun activities proposed in a rich manual that guides children along the discovery of the science of perfumes and cosmetics.

  • Age: 8 years and up
  • Item no: 61775
  • Approx Package dimensions: 45x31x7 cm
  • Contents:Contents: flower perfume base, sugar perfume base, soap base, moisturising base, cleansing base, cream base, red colouring, spatula, 3 pipettes, 50 ml measuring beaker with lid, shape moulds, mixing stick, bubble bath bottle, cream jar, spray bottle, bottle holder, cardboard boxes, stickers and instruction booklet

    Type: Science

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