Clementoni - Robo Beetle

Product information:

 A kit for building a cute beetle robot! If you put this robot on the table, it moves around busily, yet realises when it has reached the edge, stopping and changing direction to avoid the fall! The beetle has 6 feet which really move, making it seem convincingly realistic. The upper part of Robo Beetle's body is transparent, leaving the internal cogs completely visible and allowing children to observe the mechanisms that cause the robot to move around. An enthralling game that introduces kids to the world of robotics in an easy and amusing way. Conceived, designed and developed in Italy.


  • CONSTRUCTION: Develop your manual dexterity with each piece
  • OBSERVING: Analyse the guiding principles of the movement
  • INTERACTION: Activate the robot and watch it come to life

For Ages 8 to 12 and up

Type: Science

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