Dal Rossi Chess Set Dark Titanium & Silver on 18 inch Black & White Leather Chess set

Item Details:

A beautiful set of stylish Dark Titanium & Silver finish chess pieces on a hand-made wooden black and white chess board with leather Bevel Edged storage box.  A perfect edition to any study or display area, and a great gift idea for the chess players of distinction. Dal Rossi luxury chess sets are a statement of extravagance, coveted world over for their elegance and flawless construction.

The chess board opens via the hinged lid to access 32 compartments (16 large & 16 small) to conveniently provide storage for the pieces when not in use. The board can be locked.

It features the high quality workmanship you have come to enjoy in a luxurious game collection.

Chess Board dimensions: 18 inch side 

Chess Pieces size: King 85mm high approx 

These chess pieces or chess board can also be purchased separately and matched with other chess pieces/boards:


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