Destiny Gundam Rebuilt from the Ground Up

This kit has been released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Gundam SEED Destiny", a new special Destiny Gundam is being released in HG format! Focusing on recreating its dynamic action poses, the Destiny Gundam has been rebuilt from the ground up and incorporates new joints in the torso and waist that allow an unbelievable range of motion. In addition, its complete weapon loadout: Long Range Energy Cannon, Beam Rifle, Arondight Anti-Ship Sword, Beam Boomerangs, Beam Shield has included down to the effect parts in its Wings of Light and Palm Fiocina cannon! Runner x 11, Sticker, Instruction Manual.

  • Its weapons and plenty of effect parts cast in clear material for a striking appearance
  • Highly posable upon completion
  • Parts are molded in colour so painting isn't required
  • Do not require glue
  • It snaps together; foil stickers are included for the markings
  • These kits usually stand about 30cm tall and include amazing levels of detail, with working hatches and panels all over the kit
  • Recommended age: 15 years and up

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