Pokemon Model Kit QUICK!! 12 ALCREMIE

Alcremie, the Cream Pokemon. Alcremie is a unique Pokemon introduced in the series Eighth Generation, featuring a body comprised entirely of whipped cream! Alcremie comes in several colorful variants unlocked through an unusual evolution gimmick, appearing with different flavors of cream and swirls depending on several variables. Players can acquire even more variants of Alcremie by evolving its pre-evolved form, Milcery, while it holds one of seven different sweets. Of all the Pokemon with variations, Alcremie tops the list with 63 unique variants for players to collect, excluding shiny variants.


Alcremie is the twelfth entry in Bandai’s “PokePla Quik!!” model line. This line is not posable but provides a super adorable and easy-to-assemble build for all ages to enjoy! You won’t need a pair of nippers to complete your PokePla Quick!! Alcremie, as Bandai, designed each part to pop right off the runner using minimal force! This Pokepla Quick!! Model build into Alcremie’s with Vanilla Cream and Strawberry Sweets, the default appearance in the Galar Region Pokedex! This model also comes with a small sheet of color-correcting stickers to help achieve Alcremie’s proper coloring right out of the box!

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