Product Information:

Touch, reveal, and solve with the Rubik’s Phantom.

Innovation adds a new layer of challenge to the original 3x3 Cube. Touch the Cube tiles to temporarily reveal colour. Solve the latest Cube, the Rubik’s Phantom, as the colours fade. You will be amazed by the thermochromic technology of this Cube. Reveal the Phantom’s colours with the heat of your touch. Solve the cube before it fades back to black! 

This smart Cube is unlike any toy you have ever played with before. The Rubik’s Phantom is a difficult challenge level, meant for experienced Cubers. This brain teaser puzzle Cube is one of the most challenging to solve of the Rubik’s collection. 

With the new Rubik’s Phantom- you can become the puzzle Cube master of your house with thermochromic technology. Show your peers that you can accomplish something new with this toy! 

Ages 8+


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