Recommended Age: 8+
Number of Players: 2-4

With rules similar to gin rummy, Rummikub is a classic tile game that's guaranteed to get at least a million kid-hours of use in any family.

Rummikub is played with a set of 106 elegant tiles that are as durable as they are easy to handle. Players build melds of run of the same colours - Red 7, Red 8 and Red 9 - or sets of the same numbers - Blue 8, Red 8 and Black 8. If you're looking for a fast action game where the outcome is undecided until the last play and has a never-ending variety of strategies and play situations, you'll love Rummikub! The most fun aspect of the game - and the part that's best for creative strategic thinking - is that you can pilfer from and rearrange the efforts of other players in your attempts to part company with more tiles.

* 106 engraved plastic tiles
* 4 sturdy two-tier racks
* 8 rack holders
* Instructions

Type: Family Games

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