Speks - Geode Magnetic Asst


Meet Geode, a sphere of magnetic pentagons that magically assembles every time. Clear on one side, color on the other, this desk toy is never ending fun.

Geode is a geometric sphere made from 12 pentagonal tiles. Each tile has 5 magnets that spin so the pieces will connect from any angle. Smash the sphere and stack the tiles into unlimited shapes.

The specs

  • 12 pentagonal pieces
  • 60 rare earth magnets
  • geometric perfection
  • reversible pieces

How fast can you build the sphere? Geode pieces satisfyingly slide into place, making it the perfect fidget toy for taking a break from the screen.

Stack geode straight up in a set of twelve, or slide the pieces so the tower can balance. Our secret? build shapes on their side and then carefully stand up right.

Geode is a desk toy for anyone 14+ years old. Because of their small parts and strong magnets, they should be kept away from all children. If a piece breaks, make sure to find any loose magnets and discard immediately

Type: Speks

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